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Adult Percussion Lessons with Brian O'Neill in the Greater Boston area of Massachusetts

My Focus of Teaching, Instruments, and Style Specializations

Thanks for inquiring about lessons with me!

Are you looking to play with your friends in a band or jam session? Or maybe play along to your favorite tunes or just alone? I'd love to help you reach your musical goals.

I have been playing music for over 35 years, and professionally for 25 years in styles ranging from national Broadway touring shows (Motown, Anastasia) to opera, orchestras (including Carnegie Hall), small bands/combos (klezmer at the Kennedy Center!), and even with the disco queen, Diana Summers. My focus for teaching is primarily on hand percussion (particularly frame drums, ethnic tambourines, cajon, and doumbek) and vibraphone (jazz or classical), but if you'd like to study something else within my expertise, feel free to inquire. We can work on instrument specifics/technique, specific styles of music, and reading (reading ability is not required for hand percussion).

“…you made a huge impact on the students and I did not even have to ask them, I could just feel it. (Of course many of them came up and told me how great it was!) It was not only your musicianship and interesting musical concepts, it was the way you presented everything with an obvious passion and contagious energy …”—Jeff Fischer, percussion instructor University of Massachusetts Lowell

My Students / Age Focus

My studio caters to adult students age 18+. Exceptions for highly mature younger students can be considered case by case. I am very selective about taking on students and have a limited number of spots in my studio. Beginners are totally welcome, however I only work with students who are serious about their learning and putting some investment into developing their musicianship outside our lessons. If your goal is primarily to have fun and play recreationally, that is totally fine. I realize working adults have busy lives, families, etc. However, since your musicianship primarily will be developing outside our the studio, in your personal time, it's important you commit some time to practice and study...unless you are satisfied with the very slow growth that occurs when there is no practice between lessons.

What's Included/Not Included With Lesson Blocks?

In addition to our lessons, students may contact me via email at any time with questions about practice/study etc. It is the student's responsibility to obtain an instrument (I cannot provide instruments for all of my students unfortunately). I can make basic recommendations for instruments, however if you need personal 1-on-1 help finding the perfect instrument for your goals, I also offer a "Personal Percussion Shopper" service. There is no single "right" brand/version/instrument for everyone; a lot of it comes down to choice, and knowing what to look for based on your goals, budget, and ability level, and this is what we work on together with the personal shopper service.

Any method books or recordings are also the student's responsibility. You are investing in yourself, and also the other musicians, composers, and publishers who make their living writing, arranging, producing, and recording music.

Brian gives a pandeiro masterclass in Maryland

Brian's pit orchestra drumset rig for North Shore Theatre

Brian's recording setup for The Why

“…percussion master and musical polymath…” Boston Phoenix

“…rediculously talented…” Huffington Post

Lesson Package Pricing and 100% Money-Back Guarantee


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