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Press Quotes and Awards

Press Quotes

"ridiculously talented"Huffington Post

"…incredible musicianship…"Downbeat

"… the unnoticed spice-man who supplied the real flavor [and an] infectious sense of mischief and joy."—The Millbrook Independent

"…positively mesmerizing, and more than occasionally tranquilizing."—The Brooklyn Rail

"…may be, in the long run, a better exoticist than [John] Zorn…"—AllAboutJazz

"I just wanted to thank you again for the amazing seminar at UML. I know that you made a huge impact on the students and I did not even have to ask them, I could just feel it. (Of course many of them came up and told me how great it was!) It was not only your musicianship and interesting musical concepts, it was the way you presented everything with an obvious passion and contagious energy."—Jeff Fischer, percussion instructor University of Massachusetts Lowell

Eichler Network

"…Mr. Ho’s second CD, Third River Rangoon featuring a small jazz ensemble, is a particularly tasty mélange of leader and composer Brian O’Neill’s postmodern third stream music,’ which blends classical, lounge, jazz, and world music into a mix that has a sound of its own, somewhat nourishing at times, almost always cool, with moody bass flute and O’Neill’s wonderful vibraphone work.…" —Eichler Network (CA Modern Magazine)

Orchestrotica Press

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